Political crisis in Pakistan 2022 – An Analysis of National Narratives on Twitter

Overview: Taking a detailed look at the top trends that featured on the Pakistan trends panel in the last few months, G5iO undertook an in-depth discourse analysis of the country’s Twitter sphere with a particular focus on the ongoing political turmoil. We looked at not only what kinds of political trends held the most appeal […]

Lettergate: Disinfo, Fake News & Political Turmoil in Pakistan

Summary Given the current political turmoil and instability centered around the ouster of Imran Khan’s government, there has been a marked increase in disinformation and fake news proliferating throughout Pakistan’s digital space. As has been evident the purpose of such disinformation has been to attack state institutions and promote instability and chaos by amplifying civil […]

Official Perspectives on the Russia-Ukraine War: A Timeline

Overview: Continuing its analysis on the Russia Ukraine conflict, G5iO conducted a discourse analysis of the Twitter timelines of the US State Dept, the UK Foreign Office and the Foreign Ministries of Russia, Ukraine, and the EU. Starting from the annexation of Crimea in 2014 our aim is to not only provide an adequate context […]

Diverging Narratives – How Global Media Responded to the Ukraine Conflict

Overview: Given the ongoing Russia Ukraine conflict and its fast-evolving media discourses, we   investigated Twitter timelines of major world media houses to compare their reporting on the conflict. Our primary goal was to see whether there were any variations between major international media outlets and their reporting depending on where they were based. Methodology: Our […]

Hashtag Wars: A Discourse Analysis of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Overview: Given the ongoing Russia Ukraine conflict and its fast-evolving media discourses, we investigated some of the numbers behind two of the most popular yet opposing hashtags trending in relation to it: #IStandWithPutin and #IStandWithUkraine. Our goal being to gauge the extent to which the current fault lines that are manifest throughout international media and […]

Masking Instability: How India Deploys Info Ops on Kashmir

Overview: This study maps the deeply integrated and coordinated social media campaigns of Indian Info Ops networks on Kashmir issue. It does this by examining tweets related to Kashmir issue by some of the most prominent Indian voices on Twitter: 3 Indian journalists and 3 official security accounts based in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and […]

Pakistan in 2021 – An Analysis of National Narratives on Twitter

Overview The last two decades have seen an exponential growth in the digital landscape, revolutionizing the way people communicate and share ideas online. Twitter, while leading this change, has transformed discourse across the social media sphere with trending topics encapsulating a powerful and unique way to promote conversations around key issues and events. In essence, […]

Inflation in a Post-COVID World: Comparing Twitter Conversations in Pakistan & Abroad

Overview In our latest study, we investigated the correlation between petrol prices, inflation, and their related online conversations with a specific focus on Pakistan and the post-pandemic global economic recovery. We wanted to see how social media conversations around inflation and price increases (especially fuel prices) were correlated against actual prices and inflationary data and […]

Unravelling the Ongoing Discord on Climate Change – Social Media Analytics on #COP26

Overview Climate change is expected to affect every country in the world, but its impact will not be felt equally across all regions, and some will be worse hit than others because of a range of different threats. Developing countries, places with widespread poverty, and countries with ineffective governments sometimes face the gravest risks from […]

The Pavilion Online – Social Media Engagement During the T20Cricket World Cup

Overview There are some 2.5 billion people who watch cricket, making it the second most watched sport in the world. So, when 16 international teams came together in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the 4-week long T20 Cricket World Cup, it was natural for fans to turn to social media to express their sentiments […]