The Pavilion Online – Social Media Engagement During the T20Cricket World Cup

Overview There are some 2.5 billion people who watch cricket, making it the second most watched sport in the world. So, when 16 international teams came together in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the 4-week long T20 Cricket World Cup, it was natural for fans to turn to social media to express their sentiments […]

Mapping Network Behavior and Coordinated Activity – A Study on Indian Info Ops

Overview This study maps the deeply integrated and coordinated social media campaigns of Indian Info Ops networks against its regional rivals (China and Pakistan) It does this by examining tweets related to Pakistan and China by some of the most prominent Indian voices on Twitter: 3 Indian journalists, 4 former military experts, and 3 sock-puppet […]

A Study in Platform Manipulation: A Case Study of Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan on Twitter

Overview In the light of recently leaked “Facebook Papers” and Twitter’s study showing their platform being used as “megaphone for the right” have once again reaffirmed that unregulated social media in its current form and shape has made it too easy for miscreants to manipulate the platforms to influence public opinion. Previous research on the […]

Is International Media Switching off on Afghanistan? An Analysis of Print & Digital Media

Overview G5iO carried out a discourse based analysis of Twitter data and popular international media outlets’ coverage of the Afghanistan issue over the last few months. The study aims to analyse a) how frequently the issue has been reported in international media and b) twitter traffic generated over this issue. The study demonstrates Overall coverage […]

How the Uyghur Issue Has Been Framed Across Global Media – A Snapshot

Overview G5iO undertook a discourse-based analysis of popular international media outlets and their coverage of the Uyghur issue over the last two years. The study aims to analyse how the issue has been (a) reported in the international media, (b) key themes and narratives that were propagated and (c) any similarities/differences in the chosen media […]

Panjshir Files: Fake News & Bias in Indian Media Coverage of Afghanistan

Summary Amidst the unfolding collapse of the Ghani Government over the last month, there has been a marked increase in disinformation and fake news proliferating throughout Indian Media related to the Afghanistan conflict. The following study shows how Indian media networks have not only remained biased in favor of the NRF but have comprised mostly […]

An analysis of Twitter discourse during Tokyo Olympics2020

G5iO looked into the online discourse on Tokyo Olympics 2020 to analyze the current conversations and general interest in the event. Using data from Twitter, the key objective of our study was to understand dominant themes and narratives around the Tokyo Olympics. Methodology G5iO looked into the online discourse on Tokyo Olympics 2020 to analyze […]

Disinformation and Propaganda Campaign to Sabotage Afghan Peace Process

Overview G5iO undertook extensive data analytics to deconstruct coordinated disinformation and info-ops being undertaken by both India and Afghanistan to derail Afghan Peace Process and target Pakistan. Evidence indicates extensive use of bots, coordinated network behavior and fake news pushed across multiple SM platforms. Frequency and intensity of these campaigns increased dramatically over the last […]