Digital Diplomacy: Tweet Patterns of World Leaders


G5iO looked at the tweeting patterns of the most active heads of state on Twitter. These include @narendramodi, @JoeBiden, @RTErdogan, @ImranKhanPTI, @HHShkMohd, @KingSalman, @EmmanuelMacron, @BorisJohnson, @JustinTrudeau, @KremlinRussia, @BorisJohnson and @netanyahu.


  • Twitter data was scraped from Twitter rest API of last 3200 tweets of each Leader.
  • We crunched over 33 thousand tweets and analyzed them.

Insight 1

The weekly frequency of tweets by world leaders has increased by thousand folds in the last few years. Twitter has become a tool for public diplomacy for world leaders. Western leaders are comparatively more active than Eastern leaders on Twitter.

Insight 2

Eastern leaders mostly tweeted about issues such as Kashmir, money laundering and domestic politics. Key issues that concerned Western Leaders included Brexit, the Afghan war and health care.

The most frequent words used by these leaders are as follows:

Insight 3

Western leaders retweet more posts on Twitter than Eastern leaders.

Insight 4

Eastern leaders have more followers on Twitter than western leaders owing to the large following of Modi and Imran Khan.

Download PDF:

Digital Diplomacy: Tweet Patterns of World Leaders

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